Most holsters that I make are simply holsters that I saw somewhere else and thought they were a very good designs.

Not the case with the Omni. I just wanted one that does exactly what "I" wanted for the way "I" carry. Most of the time I carry in the appendix position which is up front around 1 o'clock. Once you get past the reality of where that gun is aimed it is the most comfortable and practical carry position for me. It isn't for everybody and I fully realize that.

The Omni has a single clip centered on the gun itself. The hardware is in between the two pieces of leather so only leather comes in contact with the gun.  It can be locked down so it wont move, but worn in appendix I actually like a little movement, so my clip is not as tight as it could be on my personal carry gun.

  • Best suited for appendix carry but can be worn any where on the belt, and the cant is adjustable as the clip swivels.
  • A single clip is naturally less stable than a double clip holster, and then the omni is less stable than a sewn in clip.  I find the flexibility that it offers reward enough for the occasional movement. 
  • The hardware is in between the 2 pieces of leather and does not come in contact with the gun.
  • If you are new to conceal carry, the omni is your best option. It allows you to experience all the carrry positions with one holster.

‚ÄčThe Omni starts at $60.00