Bam Bam Holsters
Custom leather Gun Holsters

Building What You Want ...

By Hand

New Site but still under construction

Not Made In China

My humble abode in Amarillo TX.  

My name is Brent Moore..... Some call me Bam Bam. 

I have worked with leather off and on since I was a kid. A few years ago I decided to make myself a holster, and thought I can make that better next time.... that's still the goal today.... continually trying to do it better.

Where the Magic happens

I build hand made gun holsters custom fit to one particular gun.  Especially Concealed Carry Holsters 

Every holster is built so you can have a full firing grip when drawing the gun, and with proper retention as well. 

If you are unaware, this type of holster and fit is completely different form generic holsters that are made to fit more than one size. Proper retention Video

Look around the site and find what you want then let me build you one just the way you want.

I have been told my YouTube videos make it look like a "big" shop, but this is where it all happens.  My little home just next to my home. Even got dry fire targets


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